Going Green – Ford Uses Captured CO2 to Develop Foam and Plastic for Vehicles

Ecoboost2Ford have teamed up with a number of companies in an effort to reduce carbon emissions throughout their manufacturing processes. One such company is Novomer, a New York based company which has developed a process which uses captured C02 and runs it through a number of processes, forming a polymer that can be used in the production of foam and plastic. This new eco-friendly material is destined to be using in the seating of Ford vehicles, and will also be found under the bonnet. It is hoped that this process will reduce Ford’s petroleum usage by up to 600 million pounds annually.

Debbie Mielewski, a Ford Senior Technical Leader of Sustainability said “This technology is exciting because it is contributing to solving a seemingly insurmountable problem – climate change. We are thrilled to be leading the charge toward reducing carbon emissions and the effects of climate change.” Ford plan for the new material to be introduced within the next five years.

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Source: http://ow.ly/uaaN300jS8T

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