GOODWOOD: Mazda and Honda 2016

GOODWOOD: Mazda and Honda 2016

That time again has been and gone and those who went saw some spectacular cars and stands, every year it gets better and better.

So much to do and see …… for example the Jaguar experience …




Mazda had their stand and Raise the roof section and some beautiful MX-5’s, from the All New MX-5

Speedster and the Icon








Raise the roof section




Honda had a spectacular stand this year, topped their one last year. It certainly bought back a lot of memories for those who had a Fisher Price garage back in the day.

Prizes to be won as well, registered for a lanyard and you were able to play the games that were around each car. form example the Honda Type-r you had to brave the cage and if you made it to the car you were in fora chance of winning a Type-R for the year.

Let have a look at some photo’s of the Honda stand……






Milltek Exhaust for the Honda Type-R



Loads of other wonderful thing to see and do at Goodwood



Football golf at the Vauxhall stand



Half Lego half car



Ken Block’s car






And these beauties 




So much other gorgeous cars to see and so much more to do, what a wonderful day …. even if it was pretty muddy and raining ….