Honda – 11 speed triple clutch unit?

Honda – 11 speed triple clutch unit?

Honda have registered a new type of gearbox with the intent of improving efficiency.

This triple clutch with 11 speeds is expected to improve efficiency on an automatic transmission even though we have dual clutch gear boxes already which does just that, this is aiming to better it.



‘The patent description, spotted by AutoGuide, notes that the gearbox will allow “speed change to be more effectively restricted and a speed change response to be increased.” According to the source, it also reduces torque losses compared to a normal dual-clutch gearbox.’

Basically meaning that the transmission will shift faster and more fluently reducing the jarring you get sometimes with a regular gearbox when it changes gear. With the 11 ratios the box will be able to find the optimal gear for the terrain and speed more easily, which will help with fuel economy and emissions, so to make it an efficiency status rather than a performance one.

This is something that may not even come into production but at least we know the engineers of Honda are thinking about it.

However Honda does have the CR-V with 9-speed automatic gear box, that’s something to think about when purchasing a new car.




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