Honda and a 3D printer

Honda  and a 3D printer

People of Kamakura, an ancient coastal town near Tokyo, are absolutely mad about about some dove shaped cookies, which is a local tea time treat. Locally baked by confectionery Toshiyama.

The locals loves the biscuits so much that they even have them delivered to their home or place of work.

There is a slight problem with the ancient coastal town is it consists of narrow alleyways making it hard for the loved biscuits to reach there long awaiting eaters.

So we have Honda who have teamed up with digital manufacturing experts Kabuku and created a tiny minivan, just the right size to squeeze down the lanes of Kamakura.



It’f fits a driver and has space to put the precious cargo. It also has an electric motor to power it to maintain the serenity of a city famous for its Shinto and Buddhist shrines.

All they needed to make the little run around is loads of digital files and a 3D printer and ta-da you have Honda’s and Kabuka’s first 3D printed car.