Honda Civic Type-r 2017

Honda Civic Type-r 2017


The production model of the new Civic Type-R has been seen out for a drive in London. We have all seen the prototype, well now it’s out and about.

The limelight was stolen by Honda for their Brand new Type-R and the Paris motor show, now 2 production cars have been photographed out and about in London. Are they even testing the springs and dampers on the Type-R over some of London’s infamous speed bumps.





The new Honda Civic Type-R shows you what the next generation Honda Civic Hatchbacks will look like when it goes on sale in 2017, based on the all-new Honda Civic.

The wrapped cars are under going final testing before the Type-R launch will should be shortly after the arrival of the Civic hatchback in 2017.

“it pursues the ultimate function – that’s why we made it to that design. You can expect that the car you see on the stand will be close to the car we will see on the road.¬†principal designer Daisuke Tsutamori

Honda have made a change to the Type-R with a more subtle and mature design to make it more appealing to other hot hatch lovers. The large wing remains, softer front bumper and back diffuser making it less¬†eccentric. But it still has it’s aggressive look that makes it different from the standard hatchback with the smoked lenses and new bumper designs.

With the new shape the new Civic Type-R will be about 30mm wider, 20mm lower and 130mm longer than the current one, also it is slightly faster from 306bhp of torque to 340bhp, dropping the time by 7/10 of a second.