Honda Civic Type-R taking on Craigantlet hill climb

Honda Civic Type-R taking on Craigantlet hill-climb.

Historic weekend for Civic Type R at Craigantlet Hill Climb


The Type-R has set a new record for the hill-climb at Craigantlet and has become the first standard production car to score points in the 69 year history of the course.

Type-R came 9th claiming 5 points with a time of  54.69 on the 0.83 mile course, just a second faster than the previous record.

Driver David Finlay commented: “I knew the car would be quick, but I had no idea just how quick. If I had left Craigantlet after setting a time in the 57s I would have been happy, so to have got into the 54s was a big surprise. The record run wasn’t perfect by any means – there is definitely more time to come.

“I have driven many standard cars in hill-climbs, and so far the Civic is the one that has felt closest to being

designed for the purpose. Honda’s claim that it is a ‘race car for the road’ may seem like an optimistic piece of marketing, but after this weekend I can confirm that that’s exactly what it is.”


The Type R is built in the UK and powered by the 2 litre turbo charged VTECH producing 310PS at 6,500rpm and judging by this result has the handling and braking to match.




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