Hotter Focus ST on the way ?


Only a few weeks ago Ford announced the release of the Fiesta ST200, and recent images have emerged of a hotter looking Focus ST pounding the tarmac of the Nurburgring in Germany. The new Focus is assumed to feature somewhere in between 260-280bhp alongside suspension upgrades. which would aid to bridge the 100bhp gap between the current model and the 345bhp incredible RS. As the images show, Ford have added a few extra aerodynamic pieces to the front of the car a brand new set fordst280-008of black alloy wheels.

In terms of price, there isn’t much to separate the £26,500 ST-3 and an RS, which starts at a very reasonable £30,000, so it remains to be seen where Ford will pitch the new Focus ST. It’s is unsure when or even if this prototype hot hatch will ever be released, but if so it will keep Ford ahead of the game compared to it’s German and Japanese rivals.

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Source – – 03/05/16