How to find your perfect 15-reg car

15 Plate Car Deals at Motorparks


The 15-reg plate cars are now on the nation’s roads but if you are still on the fence about the best vehicle for your needs, Motorparks has the perfect guide. Read on to find out more…


What is your price range?

There really are 15-reg cars available to suit all budgets. For example, the next-generation models of the Ford Fiesta and Vauxhall Corsa are available from around £10,000.

If you can loosen the purse strings a bit more, then you may want to check out the likes of the new Range Rover Evoque and the 2015 Honda Civic — both can be purchased for less than £30,000, depending on the model selected.

Just remember to set a budget before you start searching for your new car and stick to it no matter how tempting those optional extras may be.


What payment options are available?

No matter the car selected, you don’t necessarily need to pay off the cost straight away. Here are three payment options available to you so you can manage the cost over a period of time:


Hire purchase

The first method will see you put down an initial deposit — it’s your choice how much but remember that the more you put down at this stage, the less you will pay in the monthly instalments which follow. The car is yours once the finance has been paid off in full, though you cannot sell the vehicle until this point.


Personal contract purchase

With a personal contract purchase, you will once again need to put down a deposit and pay monthly instalments. However, the difference between this and hire purchases is that you only pay off how much the car depreciates in value. At the end of the contract, you can choose to pay a balloon payment — a lump sum in order to take ownership of the car — trade it in for a newer vehicle or simply return it to the dealer.


Personal contract hire

You don’t need to worry about a deposit with personal contract hire — just monthly payments. However, be aware that this method means that you never actually own the car; you’re effectively leasing it and will hand it back to the dealer at the end of the contract. There could also be a yearly mileage limit that you will need to abide to in order to avoid further costs. Apart from that though, this is the most hassle-free payment option of the three.


Who will usually be using the car?

Now that we have the finances out of the way, it’s time to find the best car for your requirements. Firstly, consider how many people will usually be occupying the vehicle at a time.

The new Mazda MX-5 is a great option if it’s just going to be you and a passenger enjoying the thrills of the open road. However, for families, the likes of the new SEAT Leon and the new Ford Focus offer plenty of space and comfort to keep complaints during a journey to a minimum.

Are you after something more executive? You will be proud to make your way to any business meeting or conference in a new Jaguar XJ.


Where will you be driving?

Another thing to consider is just how you will be using your new car. For example, both the new Nissan Micra and new Honda Jazz are small and practical — they will make getting through a busy city centre a breeze.

If you regularly drive off-road or in the countryside, look for something along the lines of the new Jeep Cherokee though.


We hope by now you are close to finding your perfect 15-reg car. Still undecided? Do not hesitate to call into your local dealership to discuss your options further with our friendly team of experts.