Invicta Ford Thanet have seen some changes

Invicta Ford Thanet has changed over the years but more so in the last two. We have had our showroom refitted to Ford standards in October 2013 including welcome host area, interactive stand with I pods and power points with data feeds in the new floor. Next the whole site was remarked with white lines for a fresh look including parking bay numbers in the service parking area, followed by brand new bright orange vehicle display canopies that really standout.




The front road side display was next, removing all shrubs and bushes and covering the area with shingle which gave the road side display an open and clutter free appeal. Finally a new security system with cameras was fitted covering the whole site 24/7 to protect our investments.




Not only does this raise the profile of the dealership and show our local Guest base that we are making improvements to give them a better experience but the sales team is also prouder to be part of an improving dealership.

Performance at Invicta Thanet has increased over the past 3 years due to the team being motivated, productive, focused, supported and of course having some fun.