James Bond Movie Cars Part 1

With moviegoers rushing to the new Bond movie Spectre; we take a look at some of the Ford’s that have made an appearance in 007’s adventures.

Casino Royale – Pre Production Ford Mondeo ST 2.5

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Daniel Craig can be seen driving the Ford Mondeo prototype in the the opening scenes to Casino Royale.

The one off prototype was said to be worth more than all of the Aston Martins in the film which is why you don’t see the Ford involved in any high speed car chases.


Diamonds are Forever – Ford Mustang Mach 1


The Ford Mustang Mach 1 features rather infamously in Diamonds are Forever. In one stunt the Mustang has to wheelie down a narrow alleyway. When the car enters the alleyway its on its right side but when it emerges from the otherside its on the left side. The continuity error was apparently due to a  crowd of onlookers who ruined the exit shot, so the stunt was shot again but on the opposite side.


Die Another Day – Ford Thunderbird Limited Edition 007


The Ford Thunderbird was a striking looking car driven by Halle Berry’s characte ” Jinx” in the 2002 Bond Movie Die Another Day. However Berry’s on screen sex appeal did very little to improve US sales of the Ford Thunderbird.

Goldfinger – Ford Thunderbird Convertible


An earlier incarnation of the Ford Thunderbird this time drive n by CIA agent Felix Leiter. In the movie the Thunderbird is fitted with a radar device that enables them track James Bond’s vehicle.

Goldfinger – Ford Mustang Preproduction model


Ford first start production of the Ford Mustang in 1965; this Mustang is very special; its a 1964 pre-production  model. Steve McQueen may have made the Ford Mustang a cultural icon in the 1968 movie Bullitt but this is where it started, this was the Ford Mustang’s ever first movie appearance.