James Bond Movie Cars Part 2

Part 2 of a look back at all the many Fords that featured in the Bond movies over the years

On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Ford Escort Mk1

i018617George Lazenby’s only outing as secret agent 007 in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” featured an ice stock car race. The race had 7 Ford Escorts competing as well as Minis and a Volkswagen Beetle. Austrian Rally Driver Erich Glavitza work as a driver and technical consultant for the scene as well as giving Diana Rigg personal ice driving instruction.


Quantum of Solace – Ford Edge SEL



In the movie Quantum of Solace Ford showcased the then new Ford Edge SEL. Not being a UK model the electric hybrid may have gone unnoticed to UK audiences but helped to make the premium SUV a big seller in the US. Fear not though the Ford Edge will make its way to UK shores in 2016.


The Spy Who Loved Me – Ford Taunus



Yes I know it looks like a Ford Cortina, but it’s a German Cortina and that makes it a Ford Taunus. In this scene the Ford is chasing Bond in his Lotus, Bond deploys the cement spray and the Ford plummets over a cliff edge and lands nose down in the roof of a small building before promptly exploding. Seconds late Jaws emerges from the the front door of the building…unscathed as ever.



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