James Bond Movie Cars Part 3

The final part of our look at Fords that have graced the silver screen in the Bond Movies.


Thunderball – Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner


The Ford Fairlane 500 met a firey end in the 1965 movie Thunderball starring Sean Connery, whilst in hot pursuit of the iconic Aston Martin DB5.


Thunderball – Ford Mustang


The For Mustang in Caribbean Turquoise was driven by Luciana Paluzzi’s character Fiona Volpe. Volpe; an assassin for SPECTRE picks James Bond up whilst he is hitchhiking along a road in the Bahamas. Volpe isn’t the best of undercover assassins as Bond notices her distinctive SPECTRE insignia ring in the car. Volpe is also the first woman to be killed albeit indirectly by Bond as he uses her as a human shield to protect himself from a bullet.


Tomorrow Never Dies – Ford Scorpio


Once again this Ford is of German original making it a Ford Scorpio, on UK shores this model was known as Ford Granada Scorpio. And once again like so many offer Fords to appear in the Bond franchise it meets with a firey death!



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