JEEP Experience Best Year and Month Yet

JEEP has seen sales soar in Europe over the last year and a continuation of sales growth for the last 18 months. June was the best month ever for jeep with sales up by 176% on the same time last year (an increase of 8500) selling 23000 units in the second quarter, an increase of 161%.

The Grand Cherokee had an 18% increase in sales in the European region, while some countries such as France saw an increase of 491%, Spain 358% to say a few.

One of the biggest sellers was the JEEP WRANGLER, seeing a sales increase of almost 50% in June compared to 80993jeep2June 2014, with the UK leading the way with a 79% increase.

In the first half of 2015 versus the same period last year, Jeep sales increased by 174% in Europe totalling 45000 units. (Source: ACEA data).