Land Speed record pushed back till 2018

We will have to wait until 2018 to see the British Bloodhound SSC attempt to hit it’s 1,000 mph target. We were promised that the car would make it’s first runs in 2017 but due to a ‘short term cash flow problem’, we will have to wait until next year. Richard Noble, Bloodhound SSC director told the BBC that they are waiting for funds to come through new sponsors, and the car may need more power as it could weigh more than initially expected.

We could still see the Bloodhound SSC attempt a few slow speed attempts later in the year, and by slow they mean 200mph, but driver Andy Green will not aim to beat his own land speed record until the new year. Noble further told the BBC, “The engineering team is choosing to be cautious now so we don’t lose time – or under perform – when we’re in the desert,” he said. “Temporary delays do not change our direction of travel! 2017 will be a milestone year for The BLOODHOUND Project and we are determined to be out in South Africa, challenging records, next year.”

Some lucky people will have seen the Bloodhound SSC at last year’s London Motor Show and we can’t wait to see it hitting ludicrous speeds in the desert next year.


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Source – – 28/03/2017

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