Le Mans 2016 – Ford GT Meets its Predecessors


newGTThe 2016 Le Mans is taking place on the 18th June 2016, and one of the most historically significant cars is making a comeback, 50 years since achieving a 1,2,3 finish in 1966 Рthe GT40! It all started in 1963 when Henry Ford II attempted to purchase the sports car manufacturer Ferrari. The deal fell through, and thus the GT40 was born. Initially unsuccessful, but with development it went on to become a class winner, and take its place in the history books.

The name was then lost to history, until Ford’s 100th Anniversary, with the Ford GT. The 2004 GT looked very similar to the original GT40, but its size was increased due to safety and technological innovations.

Now the GT is back, and competing in Le Mans once again, 50 years since its famous 1,2,3.

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Source: http://ow.ly/1ZeB301hh0U