Mazda 2 diesel hits 100MPG

The Words MPG, Fuel Economy, and Emissions have been in the press a lot of recent with various claims and scandals! Mazda, on the other hand have not been associated with said claims. In fact they have done the opposite and taken part in the 2015 MPG MARATHON, and Excelled at it too!!


Taking part in the annual economy driving event, which challenges competitors to find and drive the most efficient route between set checkpoints, both the all-new Mazda2 diesels entered finished in the top four, with the leading Mazda supermini recording an average economy of 103.42mpg – an impressive 24.45 per cent better than the official claimed combined economy.

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Powered by Mazda’s lightweight 105ps SKYACTIV-D diesel engine, the highest placed all-new Mazda2, driven by journalists John Kerswill and Ian McKean, finished second overall – just 1.08mpg behind the overall winner. Recorded over a distance of 400 miles, the 103.28mpg average is a strong example of how with considered economic driving it’s possible to match or possibly improve manufacturers laboratory recorded fuel consumption figures.


Designed to showcase economy in real-world conditions, MPG Marathon rules stipulate that teams must arrive at checkpoints within pre-determined times to prevent cars being driven unrealistically slowly. With checkpoint locations placed to make using the motorway network less beneficial, the mixed road conditions and types used, increase the real-world motoring element of the event.

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