Mazda at Goodwood

On the 23rd of June, Goodwood Motor circuit held its annual Motor show, The Festival of Speed. Set over 4 days, filled with action, stunning car display, family fun, and plenty of famous faces too. Last year Mazda were the main sponsors of the show and they sure knew how to put on a show themselves. This year, they followed in that tradition, not as the main sponsor, but with a superb ‘Raise the roof’ live music tent, and a Circular stage for the new car unveiling.

The Raise the Roof music tent hosted some great bands, and a bar, with people crowding around relaxing and enjoying the moment, with Mazda. It was here they showed off the New ICON edition of the MX-5, to be released immanently, stood proudly next to the current model ND MX-5 and a simply stunning example of the brilliant MK1 (where the love for the roadster started)

IMG_0244  IMG_0248  (Left: Raise the Roof, Right: ICON Edition)

Whilst walking to the main manufacture area, you are lured to the Paddock area, where some of the worlds most exotic supercars, concepts, and beautiful designs of automotive engineering are displayed. amoungst these, Mazda showed off their two MX-5 Concepts; The Speedster, and the Spyder. The Speedster is a throwback tot he vintage racers of times past and the spyder a more road going racer concept featuring the awesome bikini style detachable soft top and vintage-esq seats to match.

IMG_0251 IMG_0246 IMG_0245

(above, Left: Speedster, Middle: Spyder interior, Right: Spyder)

had enough of pouring over the Mazda concepts (oh, and the supercars) the manufacture area awaits, and Mazda set to make statement with another stage-like setting, enticing people in to centre stage where the grand U.K unveiling of the much anticipated Mazda RF (to me and you, the hardtop/targa MX-5). The RF boasts another trademark super quick, metal retractable hardtop, however this time, to match the stunning lines of the MX-5, it comes on the form of a targa top. The middle section of the roof, on the click of a button, dissapears under the rear window and surrounds.

IMG_0198 IMG_0194 IMG_0195 IMG_0196

Pre-Orders are now being taken for the RF – due for release early next year.