Frankfurt Motor Show

A chance for Manufactures to show off the blood sweat and tear from the design labs, in true flesh form!

Mazda have of recent years smashed it when it comes to knocking the socks off of onlooking journalists and the press! MX-5, Mazda CX-3, and the Face-lift 6 and CX-5 to name a few have had great praise in the press from concept all the way to release. Now is the turn of whats said to be the future CX-9, or more commonly known at the moment as KOERU! The super sleek SUV looks set to take on anything any other manufacture throws at it!


The Kodo Design Language lives on, well and truly with this latest addition to Mazda’s ever growing line up! the Menacing front end all the way to the squat rear. Seeing this in your rear view would surely have you wanting to move over, and seeing the rear will make you glad you did! The name KOERU literally translates to Surpass/Exceed and loosely ‘Go Over’, all three meanings very fitting to its exterior looks! The first two maybe a hint as to what is to come of the engines and overall package of the new CX-9 over the past CX-9 and CX-7! Mazda, always looking to go-beyond expectations and exceed them!