Mazda MX5 Showdown

The Infamous Mazda MX5 is in its 25th year since release. In its latest incarnation we see the model going back to its roots with it being smaller, more agile, lighter, and better than ever. Tested by many of the most respected magazines and automotive journalists the new Mazda’s Mx5 had its work cut out to impress them all and without a shadow of doubt, it has exceeded all their expectations. The new engine range combines perfectly with the brand new chassis keeping the 50-50 weight distribution.

The biggest question of is it that better than the very first MX5 that the world so fondly fell in love with?

The answer to that question is a simple one. YES!

To find out, Owen Mildenhall and Jade Paveley (both world famous endurance racers) paid a visit to Catalonia and took the Mk4 and the Mk1 MX5 to the track for a Head-to-Head Showdown! #LongLiveTheRoadster

Pre-order is now available on the new Mazda MX5…