Most Advanced Power Wheels Ford Mustang Ever


Ford and Fisher Price have been working together to create the new Power Wheels Smart Drive Mustang. The officially licensed product recreates the Mustang’s performance looks and performance and his packed with safety features to keep parents happy.

The pint sized Ford Mustang is created from actual Ford Design Data to create an amazingly realistic Mustang scaled down perfectly for children. One look and you can see the designers have captured the spirit and style of the Ford Mustang GT.

The new Fisher Price Ford Mustang features the all new smart drive system; the smartdrive system the brands first computer controlled drivetrain system opening up a whole new world of features and realism to tiny race drivers everywhere.

  • Traction Control: The computer monitors for wheel slip and can adjust wheel speed to keep the car moving over bumpy or wet terrain
  • Stability Monitor: An array of sensors can detect if the car is tilted at dangerous angles and disable the motors to prevent rollovers
  • Digital Speed Control and Battery Monitor; An LED interface enables parents to control ┬áthe speed in 1mph increments and also provides feedback on the batter charge level

An inbuilt sound system mimics the engine sound of a real Ford Mustang with the engine sound rising and falling with the speed accordingly just like the real thing. An Aux input jack allows children to plug their own music player in to listen to their favorite tunes on one of the biggest speakers ever fitted to a Power Wheels product.