New Alfa Romeo SUV revealed

The brand new Alfa Romeo Stelvio has finally been revealed and is due to make an appearance in the UK next year with rumors that the starting price is at £35,000.  Some design conventions are close to that of the Giulia, however the Stelvio is expected to well outsell the saloon.

Alfa Claim this SUV is faster round the Nurburgring than some of its top competitors, including the well recognized Mercedes-AMG GLC 63. Giving the top range Stelvio has a 2.9 V6 twin turbo engine, and said to do 0-60mph in just 3.9 seconds, could the claims be true? The only other spec confirmed is a 2.0 litre 8-speed automatic turbo still pushing 276bhp. It is however likely that more everyday engines will eventually come out as well, broadening their target market.

Alfa believe naming the car after one of the worlds ‘most glorious’ roads, is just a hint at the excitement and fun this car will be to drive.

Building on the basics of Alfa’s DNA Drive Mode system, the Stelivo DNA Pro setup features a fourth setting, appropriately named Race. When selected, it enables an over-boost function for the turbos, opens up the two-mode exhaust, turns off the stability control, delivers sharper brake and steering settings, and dials up more aggressive transmission and throttle calibrations.

Alfa packed this new SUV with many safety features, including the forward collision warning, autonomous emergency braking and blind spot monitoring are just a few features the Stelvio has; probably something looked for when purchasing a car claiming to reach the potential of such a model as the Stelvio.

Although no pricing or dimensions have been confirmed just yet, many question if the SUV should have been held back as a high-performance sports car.


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