New Aston Martin V12 S Model

Our three Grange Aston Martin businesses within Cambria have been fortunate enough to be able to demonstrate the latest and most extreme car in the Vantage range – the V12 ‘S’. A car that is an unprecedented engineering achievement, combining a V12 engine with their lightest sports car, has resulted in a package of pure aggression; 15kg lighter than the V12 Vantage with 573PS of power pushing the car to a top speed of 205 mph making it the fastest production model Aston Martin have ever produced.

Further enhancing the desirability of the car is the new seven-speed AMT transaxle gearbox specifically designed to tap the potency of the V12 Vantage ‘S’. With advanced light-touch paddleshifts, the gearbox provides motorsport engineering and race car capability giving maximum driver control to the road user. You would be disappointed if the new car, with this amount of power, did not have increased agility and ‘stopability’. This is achieved through a three-stage adaptive damping system, all new carbon ceramic brakes and a unique track- mode with delayed ABS.

Extreme performance matched with extreme styling, bold new carbon fibre roof, grille and graphic packs, lightweight forged alloys, all new interior finishes and controls – never opulent but always dramatic, the V12 ‘S’ is without doubt the most ferocious Aston Martin ever produced.

As if the Vantage V12 ‘S’ wasn’t enough, Aston Martin have also launched the ultimate convertible, their best Volante ever – the Aston Martin Vanquish Volante. Proportion, presence, purity, every guest who has seen the latest car agrees that Vanquish Volante delivers the most beautiful body shape in its class, with all new aerodynamically tuned decklid and tonneau, new full height windscreen where the glass directly meets the roof. Powered by the AM11 V12 engine, producing 573PS and acceleration of 4.1secs, this is the quickest accelerating Volante Aston Martin have produced, it’s also the stiffest with a body that maintains all the dynamic agility of the Coupe. It doesn’t stop there; Vanquish Volante is the most technologically innovative convertible. The three layer lightweight fabric roof takes just 14 secs to fold, operating at up to 30 mph. The 1000W Bang & Olufsen BeoSound system monitors and adapts to the roof being open or closed, added to which the boot loading has more than 50% higher capacity that the DBS Volante.

Combining 100 years of Power, Beauty & Soul, as beautiful inside as it is out, the Vanquish Volante sets a new standard in craftsmanship for its class, Aston Martin’s ultimate convertible is your design statement.