New Car Sales at a 12 Year High

Despite the uncertainty with Brexit and other issues, new car registrations are at a 12 year high, with 174,564 vehicles driven away in January. This was a 2.9% increase on the same month last year and the highest level since 2005. A large majority of the growth was from private buyers, with 76,729 cars being bought, a 5% rise on last year and a stop in the 9-month decrease in private sales. Fleet registrations were also on the rise, with a 1.4% increase with 91,181 buyers taking ownership of their new cars, but business buyers dropped 1% to only 6,654 registrations.

With tax rises just around the corner, it’s no surprise to see diesel registrations drop 4.3% with driver’s switching to petrol and alternative fuels instead. Overall, 45.1% of the total market is taken up by diesel, 50.7% petrol and 4.2% alternative fuels; the first time AF has risen above the 4% mark.

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Source – – 08/02/2017 – 08/02/2017