New Concept Small Volvos

Volvo today announced the new concept cars based on its new small car platform CMA (Compact Modular Architecture). Cars based on the new technology will go into production in 2017. The platform has been designed to accept a variety of power-train configurations with a very keen eye to the future, so expect hybrid and all electric versions of cars based on the CMA platform.

What is most obvious from these cars, which it is worth bearing in mind are concepts, is that there is definite and bold move to distinguish them from other cars in the Volvo range. The design is modern and has noticeable nod to younger buyers looking for small premium cars with a high element of design.

We very much hope that the new cars look like these concepts and we sure this will take the sales of smaller Volvos through the roof.

Browse the pictures and let us know what you think at our facebook page and view the video below for an even more in-depth look.