New Volvo XC90 2015 Interior Released

Unfortunately the release date of the new XC90 will not be until 2015, however Volvo has graced us by releasing the new interior photos. With the new stunning interior layout released, it looks more than promising that the rest of the XC90 will be worth the wait. Interior 1 The new interior utilizes the combination of leather and wood to achieve this stunning new design. The XC90 also features handcrafted diamond-cut controls for start/stop button and volume control. “These details are designed to become the jewels of the interior,” said Robin Page, Volvo’s Interior Design Director.

Interior 3

Volvo continue to show off the new interior by stating that as they come from a land of extreme weather and landscapes they have always found unique ways to find comfort in hard conditions. Thomas Ingenlath, senior vice president design, explains what it’s like to sit in the XC90: “It’s bright and cosy, like a Swedish living room. A place that makes you feel so comfortable you are reluctant to leave.

Interior 4

Volvo continue to comment on the new touch screen controls. They state that this will now control many of the XC90’s main functions, for example the sound system, heating and the Sat nav.

 “It’s the only luxury SUV designed in Sweden, where good design is a way of life, not a luxury.”