OnStar Technology to Debut in New Vauxhall Viva

Vauxhall OnStar Technology

Alongside the new Vauxhall Viva this summer will be Vauxhall’s new OnStar in-car technology.

Unlike the Intellilink infotainment system featured in other Vauxhall vehicles, OnStar will be focused on delivering a package of safety and convenience features for your Vauxhall vehicle. OnStar is already being used by Vauxhall’s parent company General Motors in their brands across the USA, Canada, China and Mexico boasting around seven million customers.

So what is OnStar?

OnStar gives your car 24/7 connectivity 365 days a year. At the push of a button OnStar can connect the driver through to a live advisor in the event of an accident or to ask for assistance. If an airbag is deployed OnStar will connect to an advisor automatically.

As well as safety features OnStar also offers a convenient way to view your vehicle data. Using a connected OnStar smartphone app users can view important data such as tyre pressures, oil life and can even request a diagnostics check at the push of a button.

With OnStar launching this summer each Vauxhall featuring OnStar will become a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Seven devices can be connected simultaneously so that passengers can enjoy high speed connectivity for streaming media, browsing online and playing games.

We will have a full review of the new OnStar system when it becomes available this summer. Be one of the first to use OnStar and own the new Vauxhall Viva, view our range here.