Open For Business as Usual at Dees of Croydon

Our old showroom undergoing refurbishment

Visitors to Dees of Croydon can be forgiven ¬†for arriving on our forecourt and being a little confused. There’s plenty of cars on the forecourt but take a peep at the showroom and it looks like the lights are on but nobody is home.

Rest assured we are open for business as usual. Our dealership is currently undergoing a massive refurbishment which is going to result in almost twice the showroom floor space. But take a walk to the customer car park at the rear of the building and you will see our new Transit Centre Showroom. In the interim period the van and commercial showroom will be used to house both van, new and used sales associates so you’ll have to forgive us if it seems a crowded at

times. Both showrooms should be fully complete by the end of February

so until then we’ll try to minimize any inconvenience in the meantime.

Our Current Showroom