Part of the family at Doves Volvo Gatwick

Averil Clingo and Steve Willie have bought enough cars from Doves Volvo Gatwick in the last four years to be considered part of the family. The couple began their relationship with Doves Gatwick in 2010 when Averil purchased her first C70 SE Lux 2.0ltr diesel, a black sapphire ex-demonstrator. She then changed that car in the summer of 2013 for another C70 special edition Solstice in Flamenco Red (pictured) after seeing it and deciding she must have it.


This was Steve’s day though. He is pictured here on handover with Averil and Stuart Neve changing his V60 D3 R-Design Black Sapphire for the V60 D5 All Wheel Drive R-Design, finished in black sapphire that he has had his eye on for a while.

Averil, who works for the Caravan Club, commented on how happy she was with both of their new cars and how they enjoy buying their cars at Doves Gatwick. Steve, a production manager at a local brickworks, did comment positively on his purchase experience but owing to his unique sense of humour, his comments are unprintable!

The whole team at Doves Gatwick wish Averil and Steve the very best with their new cars and look forward to seeing them again soon.