Polestar Treatment on the Cards for the New Volvo XC90

Volvo is looking to give to give some more power to its XC90 SUV with Polestar’s performance optimization boost. Polestar is the automaker’s official performance brand.

On Wednesday, Nov. 4, the Swedish carmaker revealed that the Polestar optimization would be available for the Volvo XC90 models.


The cars which will come equipped with the Polestar optimization will be the D5 and the T6 Drive-E models of the Volvo family. However, fans of the carmaker need not be disappointed as the Polestar boost is not set to be restricted to these two Volvo models alone and other cars from the company will also benefit from the optimization in the near term.

For those wondering what the Polestar Performance Optimization is all about, the boost is essentially an upgrade to the car’s performance and will improve the gear shift speed, engine output, gearshift precision, as well as both the throttle and off-throttle response of the vehicle.


To illustrate, the engine on the T6 gets a bump up from 320 horsepower to 334 horsepower.

“The new XC90 is by far the most advanced car from Volvo in terms of chassis and drivetrain, making it a thrill for us to work with. The Polestar optimization takes the dynamics and responsiveness of the XC90 another step forward from an already high base level,” said Niels Möller, Polestar’s chief operating officer.

The modifications which the Polestar optimization brings to a vehicle come with certified emissions, service intervals as well as fuel consumption per the company. Moreover, car owners can rest easy as despite the optimizations, the warranties from Volvo remain the same.


Volvo is optimistic that the Polestar optimization and the 20 years of motorsport experience the company brings will enable it to make its vehicles “more engaging” to consumers. The optimization by Polestar is also believed to bring a balanced package consumers’ way.

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