Project 2&4 Honda is GO! Alot of GO!

Frankfurt Motor Show will be home to some pretty special Automotive Concepts and no doubt some high claims about said concepts of economy and fuel consumption! This being True for most of the mainstream manufactures, apart from Honda.

Honda are ready to debut, what they call, ‘Project 2&4’, or as some are branding it ‘the Ariel Atom Killer’. Powered by a Honda RC213V engine (the same engine that powers the MotoGP Bike ridden by Mike Marquez), is a single-seater road going, bat out of hell!



A floating Seat, the mid engine layout and Go-Kart style chassis, is the brain child of Honda’s Motorcycle and Car divisions both working together to produce something Awesome! We Agree! Good for around 210BHP and weight under half a ton, 405KG to be precise, should keep any adrenaline junkie satisfied and wanting more and more! Freedom in mind, Honda have positioned the Driving seat literally on the outside of the car with a floating look, and a floating steering wheel to match, and get this, a transparent dash! Any petrol head would also like to think that being sat like this they’d be able to hear some form of engine roar! They’d be correct! Revving all the way around to 14000RPM, it should sound pretty tasty!