Pure Triumph Wellingborough Triumph Again!

Wayne Bailey recently bought a new bike from Wellingborough. His email in full as it was impossible to edit…

Just a very quick email to make you aware of the impeccable level of service being offered by the PureTriumph site in Wellingborough. I ordered a new BMW GS late February from a friend who works at my local BMW dealer and all of my friends advised me to try the Tiger first. Reluctantly I organised a test drive with Ian Kelly (at very short notice) for no other reason than to appease my friend and to re-affirm to myself that the mighty GS is the best bike available in the UK at the moment.

How glad am I that I test drove the Tiger. Within under an hour my order for the BMW was cancelled (deposit lost and one very annoyed friend later) and Ian and I shook hands on a new Explorer XC. I must mention the Triumph was more expensive monthly than the BMW but by far better value for money.

As you can tell from my email signature, I am a sales manager for a motor manufacturer and pride myself on that fact that I was a professional sales executive with meticulous attention to detail, so for poor Ian this was going to be no easy ride. Any opportunity I had to be a demanding difficult customer I was going to take full advantage of. Well no such opportunity arrived. I ordered the bike early in March with one pre-requisite, I must have it in the Khaki green by my birthday (17th March) or it was a deal breaker. Within 24 hours Ian and the team had somehow secured one in time. From that stage on everything
flowed smoothly, ample communication and updates regularly.

The big day came and sure as sure Ian had everything organised. My bike was waiting for me outside in a special cordoned off area with a name card on the top.
How special did I feel at this point? Ian greeted me with a tea (remembering how I take it – smooth) and offered me a seat at his desk to finalise the paperwork. The showroom at this point looked a million dollars, better than it had done on the previous occasions I had visited, crammed full of accessories, helmets, boots, clothes and goodies that I could easily spend all my money on. Ian took me through the paperwork and then introduced me to the rest of the team who were all equally as friendly and really gave me the impression I was buying into a relationship here. The female sales executive (whose name eludes me, sorry) took me through the controls to my satisfaction and Ian even offered to drop off my documents etc to my house that night on his way home as I had no means of carrying them!

So to summarise, the whole experience from initial enquiry through to arranging my 500 mile service with Leah on service reception has been nothing short of
excellent. I cannot stress enough how high my standards are when I have the rare opportunity at being a customer and this site exceeded those but, more
importantly, they made it look easy! I have learned a lot from this site and find myself constantly reflecting in my role here as to what we need to change so we can deliver such standards in such a smooth way. Absolutely great work guys and for me in 2 years when it comes to replacing my bike, it won’t be “what bike now?”, it will be more a case of “what Triumph now?”. Keep up the good work and don’t go changing.


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