Repeat business after 25 years at Pure Triumph

Kevin Lington, General Manager at Pure Triumph Wellingborough, has been part of the Cambria management team since the Pure Triumph Group was purchase from Administration in November 2009.

Kevin is no stranger to the trade having now served over 26 years on and off with Triumph Motorcycles from their rebirth under the ownership of John Bloor. The bio starts in July 1992 at Neil Young Motorcycles in the role as a junior salesman, and achieving Triumph salesman of the year in 1996.

His career progressed in 1998. He was part of the management team that opened up an M&P Superstore in Northampton retailing over 1000 new bikes in its first year.

In 2002 there was a small sideways move to gain experience with the premier brand Harley Davidson over an 18 month period where he achieved another award for his sales achievement.

In 2004 Kevin established the Pure Triumph Group for the Autohaus Motor Group in Northampton, building the foundations for Triumph in Northants again. Later in April 2008 he opened the branches in Birmingham and later that year one in Woburn.
Throughout his career, he has strongly believed that he sells experiences opposed to motorcycles, therefore building sales on the back of repeat business and personal recommendations, having competition from 50 other branches in the UK selling the same product and making him and his store the place to buy from.

Kevin recalls his first solo sale was at the end of August 1992 and it was to Mr Tony Haynes of Northampton when he purchased a new Honda CBR600. Since then Tony has been a regular to Wellingborough and 26 years and a month later he has just purchased a shiny new Street Triple 765 RS from Kevin.

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