SEAT celebrates their 66th Birthday

SEAT is perceived as a new brand in the Volkswagen Group however it was actually founded in May 1950. Following the 2nd World War SEAT began its life in partnership with the popular Fiat brand by sharing their resources including buildings and designs. This allowed SEAT to start manufacturing cars for the Spanish population.

The first car produced by SEAT, targeted the taxi driver and professionals market, was the SEAT 1400.

The SEAT 1400 on display at their A122 warehouse

Although it was the 1400 that SEAT first produced, it was the SEAT 600 that really got the Spanish automotive market interested in the brand. Still in partnership with Fiat, the SEAT 600 was based largely on the popular Fiat 600.

The Fiat 600

The SEAT 600

SEAT’S Jochen Dries told AutoExpress “SEAT was the brand that put the wheel on a nation. Suddenly the Spanish public became mobile, to visit their families and friends. The 600 was many families’ first car and it was the first affordable car in the country.”

The history of the SEAT 1400 & SEAT 600 is just the very beginning of the story for what is now a popular automotive brand across the globe. At present the SEAT Digital Museum only displays a small variety of the models that write parts of the brands history but the plan is for the full SEAT history to be documented  with displays including 3D models, technical data and model history information.

The SEAT Digital Museum

The SEAT Digital Museum

SEAT’s incredible collection of their historic cars and stored at their plant in Zona Franca, Barcelona in their A122 warehouse. Previously, this ever growing collection which has been building up over the years hadn’t been open to the public for viewing. Now with the success of their Digital Museum and SEAT wanting to expand beyond this, the collection will soon open to the public.

SEAT models on display at their A122 warehouse

SEAT models on display at their A122 warehouse

The A122 is home to 284 SEAT cars but only 170 of them are currently on display. Employees are continuing their hard work and efforts to restore the cars in the workshop with even going as far as manufacturing individual parts so that the cars fit their original specifications.

SEAT have come along way since the 1400 & 600 and have gone from working with Fiat closely including their cars sharing the Fiat badge to joining the Volkswagen group in 1986.

On our roads today, and our showroom here in Swindon, we have the highly desirable SEAT Ibiza, Leon, Mii, Toledo, X-PERIENCE, CUPRA and Alhambra. All of the models in our showroom today have been developed over the years to bring you a high quality and sporty driving experience plus “Technology to Enjoy.”

We are also looking forward to welcoming the SEAT Ateca on 9th September 2016 to our SEAT family.

SEATS first SUV, The Ateca

Here at Swindon, we wish SEAT a very Happy 66th Birthday & thank-you for reading our blog!

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