Skydiving the ‘way down’

Chris Everett, aged 55, a collection and delivery driver at Swindon Motorpark, along with Hayley Smith, aged 33, a service advisor, carried out a 10,000 ft skydive for children with cancer charity C.L.I.C. raising over £1100 for the charity. What makes this more amazing is Chris weighed 25st 12lb 14 months ago and he decided a dramatic lifestyle change was in order. Chris says openly that he ate all the wrong things, always snacking on pies and fatty foods and eventually the weight just kept piling on. Chris suffered an infected gallbladder which needed to be removed but before the operation he had to lose at least 3 stonesoChristotallychangedhiswayofeating. This time fresh fruit and vegetables and fish were the main source of his diet only consuming 1500 calories a day which he planned.


After 3 months Chris had shed 3 stone and he was able to have the gallbladder removal . On recovering from this operation, Chris decided he liked what he was eating and decided to stay with it, and month after month with encouragement from his family and work colleagues at Swindon Motorpark he finally lost a massive 11 stone. He now weighs a healthy 14 stone 7lb and when the chance came for Chris to do something he really wanted to do, he couldn’t wait, so Chris and Hayley carried out the skydive. Chris says that it was the best experience of their lives and losing all this weight has brought a new lease of life for Chris. He says maybe running with the bulls in Pamplona could be on the cards for next year. He is an inspiration to his friends and family.