The Ford Edge 7 Seater



Great news; the Ford Edge SUV is now available as a 7 seater but only if Ford-Edge-7-seat-China-6you live in China! Ford recently released the all new 7 Seat Ford Edge, specifically for the Chinese market, the new version of the Ford Edge which is slightly longer features a third row of two seats, giving Chinese customers full 7 seat capability.

The 7 Seat Edge has a slightly different body to accommodate the third row of seats. The rear overhang behind the wheel is significantly longer as is the third window, the tailgate is also noticeably more upright, all these marginal changes make for enough room to turn a 5 seater into a 7 seater.

Its not just the rear end of the Chinese Ford Edge that differs from the Ford-Edge-7-seat-China-8UK version; there are significant differences under the bonnet too. In China the Ford Edge gets the 2.7 litre EcoBoost V6 Engine which produces in excess of 300hp.  At the minute it looks like there are no current plans to bring the 7 Seat SUV Ford Edge to other markets; but rumour has it they have been spotted testing in Australia but that’s still a very long way from the UK.

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