The Ford Folding Electric All-Terrain Bike


Many Car manufacturers have dipped their toe into Bike design and Ford are no exception. Ford however have set themselves the lofty benchmark of building an electric all-terrain bike that is also light enough to be folded and used for commuting.  The Ford MoDe:Flex is the bike that they think will tick all of these boxes.

Recently revealed at a technology conference in California the 29EC68BF00000578-3137360-image-a-7_1435141905736Ford MoDe:Flex is an electric bike with a twist, it features user configurable battery motor and wheels which can be adjust for different terrains and different riding styles. The bike can also be folded and charged in the boot of a car.

Powered by a 200 watt motor the motor can aid the rider to reach speeds of up to 15mph and yes the bike can still be folded to be taken on a train commute or stored in the boot of a car.

Ford have taken inspiration from their car range and used technology never before seen on a bike, the parking sensor technology found in cars has been adapted and connected to the handlebars to alert the rider if a car is about to overtake by using subtle vibrations. A special iPhone Sat Nav app also integrates with the bike seamlessly, again using a series of vibrations sent to the handlebars to alert the rider as to when to change direction. The app is also capable of routing on bicycle friendly routes and can alert the rider to upcoming hazards.



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