The Ford Powered Star Wars X-Wing.


carships-6-626x382Did you ever wish as a child that your favourite toy car was real. Well Mattel Hot Wheels with the help of some very clever engineers have created a very special road going version of the Hot Wheels Star Wars X-Wing Carship. Created for the San Diego Comic-Con event to promote the new range of Hotwheels die cast models, this car is no hot-potch  bodge but a serious performance vehicle.

Fans of the Star Wars Movies will instantly recognise X-Wing details, the vehicle covered in the logos of the Rebel Alliance and the overall styling of the vehicle made to represent the original

model as closely as possible. Obviously a few details have had to change for the sake of making 3062004-slide-s-7-how-hot-wheels-turned-the-x-wing-fighter-into-a-racing-cara real life drivable vehicle. The control stick as been replace by a steering wheel and you won’t find any functioning laser cannons, proton torpedos or an ion canon; such a pity.

You also won’t find any glowing thrust propulsion jets on this X-Wing, the designers opted for the next best thing a 2.0 litre Ford EcoBoost Engine. The car can reach around 180mph and generates well over 400kg of downforce at these speeds. These figures are very similar to that of a Formula Ford Racing chassis, possibly the basis for the X-Wing Carship.

Whilst we can see any plans for the full size car to go on sale as a mass production vehicle anytime soon we can confirm that 1:64 scale Hot Wheels Carship will be on sale in toy shops just in time for Christmas.