The Ford Transit XXL


Britain’s best loved van the Ford transit comes in many guises, a ¬†panel van, a tipper and the minibus. Its fair to say the humble Ford Transit Minibus has probably been used to transport thousands of people over the years¬†they were even the transport of choice for bank robbers in the 1970s thanks to their incredible handling.

In the mid 2000s Ford decided to celebrate the success of their ford-transit-xxl-3Van of the Year award by creating a truly unique one off Ford Transit; the Ford Transit XXL.

The Ford Transit XXL comes in at a whopping 7.4 meters long, has 4 sliding doors and can ferry 7 passengers from point A to point B leather trimmed luxury.

The Transit XXL was made by seamlessly welding two Ford Transit Tourneo together, but don’t worry it was carefully cut and rejoined in all the right places by engineers!

Each passenger gets a luxurious captains swivel seat and has screen allowing them to watch DVDs or play computer games.

If you want to buy a normal sized Ford Transit Minibus take a look at Dees of Croydon Transit Centre.

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