The Ford Troller T4


You’ve probably never heard of the Troller T4; Troller is a Brazilian company that built Jeep inspired 4×4 off-road vehicles. Ford liked what Troller were doing so much they purchased the company 2007 and in the 2014 the Troller T4 became the Ford Troller T4 undergoing a major redesign and now being based on a shortened version of Ford’s  T6 Ford Ranger chassis platform.

The Ford Troller T4 is undeniably boxy having the utilitarian looks of otherFord-Troller-T4-02-626x382 purpose built off-roaders, think Land Rover Defender, Jeep Wrangler or even the long dead Ford Bronco.

Available only in Brazil the T4 is powered by the 3.2 litre diesel and engine and a 6 speed manual transmission found in its distant cousin the Ford Ranger.  With its high ground clearance and incredible short front and rear overhangs, the Ford Troller T4 looks like it would more than hold its own in most off-road situations.