The new EcoBlue Ford Transit Engine.


The EcoBlue is a completely new breed of high performance diesel engines for Ford commercial vehicles. Ford engineers have toiled to produce a cleaner, more refined and even more efficient engine meaning low costs for you the driver. The EcoBlue is built on the same ethos as the award winning EcoBoost engine.

Key Customer Benefits:

  • Emissions, consumption and CO2 have been reduced by upto 13%
  • Low RPM torque increased by 20% meaning improved performance and drive-ability
  • Idle engine noise reduced by4%
  • In line with Euro Stage VI standards exhaust emissions have been reduced to ultra low levels

The new EcoBlue engine utilities advanced materials made withstand extreme internal engine temperatures.  The turbo powered EcoBlue Engine uses a new design of turn thats spins twice as fast that found in a Formula 1 race engine. This incredible technology will make the new range of Transit and Transit Custom Vans even more fuel efficient whilst delivering even more power.

All these enhancements plus improved levels of refinement. The new EcoBlue engine will make diesel Transit vans as quiet as Ford cars, no more diesel rumble.

Ford 2.0 Litre EcoBlue Diesel Engine Key Data

  • Type: Direct Injection Turbo Diesel
  • Cylinders 4 in-line
  • Capacity 1995cc
  • Bore X Stroke 84 x 90 mm
  • Comp ratio 16.5:1
  • Max Power 105-170ps
  • Max Torque 360-405nm