The RF

Mazda have blown the roof well an truly off the new MX-5, the internet and the expectations for a new hardtop MX-5.

The new RF is set to be a separate car to the MX-5, although sharing the chassis, looks, and well, everything, Mazda want to keep the two separate.


What is it? essentially its an MX-5 with a metal folding roof. Except there’s a slight difference to the previous version. this roof is rather special, its actually a folding Targa top. The middle section is removed and hidden below the rear window section. For this wizardry to happen, the rear window section lifts up and down, whilst the roof is slotted underneath. This happens in under 12 seconds! Told you wizardry!


The new car is set for release in January 2017 with prices rumored to hover around £2000 above the current soft top model against all grades. It also brings with it a brand new, beautiful looking colour to Mazda palette; Machine Grey .


Pre-Order are now being taken for the new RF

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