The Triumph Pure Daytona 1050R Special available at Pure Triumph now

This is the bike that Triumph should have built, but it is the genius of the Pure Triumph team at Wellingborough that has produced a limited edition run of the Triumph Daytona 1050R. It has the look and feel of a factory produced super bike. General Manager Kevin Lington said “We’re actually amazed no one has done it before” In essence the bike is a Speed Triple 1050R with a Daytona sports full fairing the re-purposed 675 fairing blends perfectly. Seeing the bike in the flesh Motor Cycle News agreed, stating there is nothing to suggest that this is a mongrel marriage of two machines.




The bikes lines look as if nature fully intended it and all the ancillaries, fixtures and controls fit immaculately.

You can buy one as part of a 10-bike run, complete with individually numbered commemorative plaque and finished to your individual specification.

The project began a little over 8 months ago with the goal, as Kevin explained always being “to create a machine which looked factory fresh, as if Triumph had built it themselves”

An example of the attention to detail: The latest, 2012-on Daytona 675 fairing was rejected not long into the project as its slightly more angular and aggressive lines were deemed an imperfect blend with those of the Speed Triple. Instead, the fairing from the 2009-2011 version is used and then painstakingly adapted to fit.

Best of all, and however briefly it marks the return of the big, burly Daytona, a road sportster like no other, fast enough, man-sized, real- world useful and bristling with character. We all wish they had done it sooner.

On testing the bike, Motor Cycle News executive editor Phil West said our verdict is 5 stars “I’ve never seen such a substantially modified bike seem so factory. What’s more, it all works well and recreates a type of machine we’ve sadly missed for so long. An Aston Martin among motorcycles”
For more information give Kevin a call at Pure Triumph Wellingborough on 01933 443030

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