The UKs largest Ford Transit model van collection.

white van fan2

Mr Peter Lee is a unique individual. In the 1960s Mr Lee worked building Ford ┬áTransits at Langley Berkshire. It was from that point his love affair with the Ford Transit began. Last year he wrote a book to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Ford Transit Van he’s even lived in one for a year. So there would be no arguing that he certainly knows the iconic Ford Transit inside out.

Peters biggest claim to fame is in his attic. Peter has the world’s largest Ford Transit model van collection. Peter has over the years collected over 6000 model vans over the years, but even that is just a small part of his Ford Transit Collection. In total Peter’s transit includes more than 23000 pieces of memorabilia as well as 9 full sized Transit Vans; one of which features a full working bar. Mr Lee has commented that he has a very supportive family.

If you’d like to buy a a full size Ford Transit you can drop us ┬áline at Dees of Croydon Transit Centre.


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