This will definitely make bus travel a little different


Sick of being stuck behind a bus, or even worse, being stuck being a bus stopping at every single bus stop on the way into town? Well, China may have built the answer. The TEB-1 (Transport Elevated Bus) concept has been in the planning for a while now, and finally we have a full size prototype has been built. With wheels at either side, the 7.6 metre wide TEB-1 strides 2 lanesf the road, allowing cars and other traffic to simply drive through the middle. At 21 metres long, the vehicle can transport 300 people, with 18 rows of seats down either side and plenty of spacious standing room. This is the equivalent of 15 double decker buses.

The elevated bus has been compared to an underground subway system but with a fifth of the cost, but with real world tests not completed, it remains unclear weather the TEB-1 will be a success. Whatever happens, we think it looks really cool.

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Source – – 03/08/2016

Images – – 03/08/2016, Video – – 03/08/2016

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