Tyres made from Dandelions

continental-tires-dandelion-taraxagum-image4One of the more unusual pieces of new car technology news this week comes from Continental who have started developing tyres based on a rubber derived from Dandelion roots. The rubber called Taraxagum is a form of latex rubber that has been harvested from a variety of Dandelion found in Russia.

The thinking behind the project is that rubber demand is on the increase and a crop that is as easy to grow as Dandelions could provide an easily sustainable source. Even more important is that Dandelions are a very hardy plant and can be grown on even on poor soil in a much wider range of countries, whereas rubber trees only grow near the equator in rainforests.

The technology is still in its infancy and full production of tyres may be 5-10 years away, but Continental is already testing the product on other rubber parts such as engine mounts.

We applaud Contential for their efforts to make motoring even greener especially when its a win-win situation such as this.