Uber to test Autonomous Hybrid Ford Mondeo (Fusion)


Uber’s advanced technology center are about trial their Autonomous Uber Service using a unique Autonomous Ford Fusion Hybrid; Fusion being the US name for the Mondeo.

Using a combination of sensors, radars, laser scan technology and ultra high resolution camers, the very special Ford Fusion hybrid will take to the streets of Pittsburgh gathering map data has it autonomously drives around the city. Uber have stated that the car will have a driver sat in the driver’s seat whilst the car is in self driving mode should they need to regain control of the vehicle.

Uber stated in a press release  “Real-world testing is critical to our efforts to develop self-driving technology,” Uber have had to gain support from local law enforcement agencies and city officials to green light Uber’s autonomous car testing on live city streets. After much deliberation Pittsburgh was considered to be the live test bed due to the its weather conditions, traffic patterns and the various types of road.