Vauxhall ‘Police Car Factory’ Gets the Blue Light

Vauxhall have announced plans to transfer emergency vehicle conversions in house in a move that will create 50 new jobs and benefit local suppliers.

Luton will become home to the largest Police car factory in Europe once the relocation is completed, with the factory converting 2,500 a year for the Police, Fire and Ambulance services.

Currently 70% of all emergency service vehicles are made by Vauxhall and the British car manufacturer is confident that the new ‘one-stop shop’ will help this figure increase.

“Through our flexible production facility, Vauxhall is able to offer a one-stop shop purchasing experience to UK emergency services,” said Dick Ellam, Vauxhall’s Manager, Special Vehicles.

“We can deliver a wide choice of car and van models, specifically designed and rigorously-tested to meet the stringent demands of our emergency services. We can also supply turn-key vehicle solutions that enable rapid turnaround of replacement vehicles, plus we can now offer a unique in-house de-commissioning and re-marketing service.”

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