Vauxhall Reveal Plans for new Crossover

Vauxhall have revealed their plans to introduce a brand new crossover vehicle into their model line-up early next year.

Dubbed the Crossland X, Vauxhall are hoping to appeal to buyers in the ever growing market for crossover and SUV vehicles, following the success of the Mokka across Europe.

Following its launch in 2012 the Mokka has sold more than 120,000 units across Europe, despite going up against more popular vehicles in the SUV and Crossover segments. Vauxhall hope that the introduction of a true crossover vehicle in addition to the new Mokka X will bridge the gap in Vauxhall’s model range.

‘Our customers’ expectations are changing, so the timing is perfect for an additional model in the Vauxhall range, which caters for a new breed of buyer,’ said Rory Harvey, Vauxhall’s Chairman and Managing Director. ‘The Crossland X will sit next to the Mokka X in our range, but their identities will be well-defined, and we anticipate that each will have its own following. More will be revealed at the start of next year, but we’re excited about the way Vauxhall’s crossover and SUV family is shaping up – and there’s more to come!’