Vauxhall to Provide UK Forces With Over 2,000 Vehicles

Vauxhall have agreed to one of the UK’s largest ever Police fleet deals, which will see them provide over 2,000 vehicles, including 1,200 of the new Brit-built Astra, to Police forces across the nation.

The multi-million pound contract covers a two year period, during which Vauxhall will provide Corsas, Insignias and Vivaro vans in addition to the Brit-built Astra. The deal means that Vauxhall will have a 60 per cent share of the UK Police market, becoming the largest provider of low and intermediate performance cars to the UK Police.

Ground-breaking OnStar technology included in the new Astra models was a key selling point during negotiations. The award winning technology keeps the car connected via satellite and cellular networks, allowing up to seven smartphones to be connected to the high-speed 4G LTE tether within the vehicle. OnStar also includes a Police-spec ignition block, which can be activated remotely in the event of a vehicle being stolen.

Twenty eight police forces across the country will be provided with the new Vauxhall vehicles with six fire and rescue services also included within the agreement.

Director of Resources for West Midlands Police, David Wilkin, praised the success of the collaboration between police forces and Vauxhall:

“A vehicle purchasing collaboration between police forces and partners on this scale has never been seen before and I am delighted to say that it has been a huge success in terms of the savings made and how well the organisations have worked together.

“The success of this group builds on the achievements of a large scale vehicle procurement project led by West Yorkshire Police earlier in the year. While cost is clearly a driving factor, the most important aspect is that these vehicles need to be the safest ones available for our staff and the public.”

“We are delighted to supply the Police with this huge order,” said Rory Harvey, Vauxhall’s Chairman and Managing Director. “Efficiency is a top priority for all Police forces and the investment made in these Vauxhalls will mean officers spend more time preventing crime.”