Doves Horsham have been awarded the prestigious Volvo Dealer of the Year Award for Region 8 recognising them as one of the top UK dealers in 2013. Only the dealers that achieved the highest scores across the key business measures for each region received the award with Guest Satisfaction a key contributor.

General Manager, Richard Law, said “We are so proud to have won The Dealer of the Year Award for Region 8. We have a great team at Horsham who want to be the best and understand that a guest might use any one of our departments on a given visit, but it is all of our responsibility to take ownership and look after them no matter which department they transact with at that time. There is no doubt that the team embracing the Cambria aim to provide a world class guest experience greatly influenced our result.”


This is the second year running that Doves Horsham have won the Volvo Dealer of the Year Award and are looking forward spending the prize money on a dealership team event in celebration.

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